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I briefly scoped out before_i_die today. I think it is a nice concept to have a community that prompts people to ask themselves what they want to accomplish before they die. At the same time I wonder what value we can get from seeing other people's lists on our friends page. Would it prompt us to add or subtract things from our own lists? Would it make us more aware of the zeitgeist? Or would it be a sad reminder of death?
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On February 6th, 2006 04:57 am (UTC), amaliadubois commented:
what turned out being the worst for me is that everyone else was still in the rat race and i might be taking time to smell the flowers and enjoy people but no one else was.
how do i keep it from fading away? i think the answer would more be the answer to how i keep my depression away. i don't think that vision of life ever left and i think it was always a part of me, just intensified by the accident. like a slumbering dream remembered amd awakened.
i find comfort in certain stories and some artists because i feel they also view the world the way i do. and then i don't feel alone.
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