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Developing Community?

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It has been my experience with internet communities that they tend to be more successful if there is an understandable direction. For participation there seems to be the need for either competition or a sense of familiarity/kinship. I think the kinship is developed when people in the community feel they all have a common interest, some common ground to stand on. My yahoo group of disarray no longer exists for me really. Community never really seemed to develop to a point where the group could continue if I quit contributing. In contrast there is a yahoo group for Myers-Briggs personality type INFP that has been continuing unmoderated for years and is still extremely active. Some of the people that contribute on a regular basis aren't even INFP's. I guess the group is a good place for people who are just basically interested in MBTI. It's funny how when a person becomes infatuated with an ideal, how they can relate everything in their lives to it. Just the other day I saw someone mention that they had insomnia and could it be because they were INFP? I doubt it. I do know that it would be a crazy day when someone typed, I have insomnia...could it be because of metametacomm? No more likely it would be me saying, I am typing in metametacomm because I have insomnia :). I did have a strong purpose for this entry when I began, I promise. I would like to direct your attention here for a moment, please. slackananda had a wonderful idea when he opened this community, don't you think? Does anyone have any idea's about metametacomm? What I mean is, what do you think is a good way to develop a community?
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