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found_objects, or found_drama?

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The community of mention:


For my own taste, the community found_objects resembles found_comedy.

The argument, as it has remained in this community for some time, continues over what is a 'found object.'

The problem:

Every day, 1-5 users post in the community, to which the effect is:

a) Fake Found Object Found on Internet (belongs in found_online)

b) No Picture; Word Description of Object (usually removed and obviously easy to spot)

c) Found Object with Comedy ("my plant grew a penis" was a recent example, probably removed . . . they can't get 'em all)

d) Pure Spam (These posts usually disappear with a quickness)

e) Found Object with Special Message of "Fuck You" to Moderators

f) Re-Posted Found Object Previously Deleted with Special Message of "Fuck You" to Moderators)

The response:

I enjoy a peek now and then into found_objects in order to witness something spectacular. In fact, you begin to notice some good people who participate in the community, such as stateofmind_77, who contributes and takes some excellent photographs.

In a community as large as found_objects, the handful of lamer-users increases. Where most communities might hold 50-200 people . . . one might find 5 lamers. That number multiplies with the total number of user-members. How it is, folks?

However, the commentary is where all of the problems begin for people.

Check this out while it lasts. The link is to a month-old post where someone couldn't figure out how to make an image not only smaller, but also to use the 'lj-cut' . . . the amusement, to me, is not the person who can't figure out how to do things . . . it's the nitty-gritty in the responses of flame by the 'elite' . . .

These folks, like this exchange, make up a very vocal minority of the total membership. Since this post probably will be removed, the typical exchange goes something like this:

1) Someone posts a phallic-like found object. Subject: Look! It's a Penis!

2) There will be 15 "HARHARHAR" comments.

3) One of the art critics will start with a cutesy-elite slap-comment, to the effect of the lack of it being a found object, art, funny, and post-worthy of the community.

Enter . . . . the war of insults.

I've been a tad guilty of the "Fuck You" in the community. At one point, I became tired of what I see as the main problem, the objectivity of art. I took my stance and wouldn't let it go. I was banned for a period of time by sarcasmosis. It happens.

I still have great difficulty with the empirical judgement of art. I'm sorting that one out . . . slowly. I have opinions on movies, for example.

Maybe I'm not so much in objection to the judgement of artistic value of the 'found object.' I mean, "My plant grew a wang" isn't exactly . . . art, by most standards. It is, however, mildly amusing for the large majority of the human race.

You want a consistent laugh? Dick, fart. Har har!

I'm laughing to myself over this community. People who get so bent out of shape over the internet are amusing to me.

Most every argument I enter over this medium is done with a normal heart rate and a challenge to the other to come up with an idea that tops my own viewpoint.

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On June 12th, 2005 03:28 am (UTC), anima commented:
What really is a found object anyway? I asked this guy who had a bicycle all styled out with elvis presley stuff. I asked him if I could take a picture and he said no. Should i have snapped one and run?
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On June 12th, 2005 08:57 am (UTC), sauce1977 replied:
No way. He might get angry.

You know, I had a similar experience.

I wanted to take pictures inside the grocery store.

Both Heidi and her friend cautioned me against it. Apparently, retail stores throw people out for taking pictures inside the store.
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